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Food for athletics part 2: A giant list of great snack and meal suggestions

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Suggested meals for pre-event eating

We’re all about keeping you healthy, strong, free from injury, and performing your best! So with that in mind, Mark Robinson, put together a big list of great snack and meal ideas for all the athletes out there.

1 Hour or Less Serving Size Grams of Carbohydrates
Food bar 1 bar ~ 47grams
Raisins Small box (2.5 oz.) 34 grams
Banana 7 oz. 31 grams
½ Bagel 2 oz. 26 grams
Pretzels 20 pieces 22 grams
Fig bar (2) 1 oz. 20 grams
Applesauce 4 oz. 14 grams
Sports drink 8 oz. 14 grams
Toast 1 slice 14 grams
Crackers 5 crackers 10 grams

*** Remember that sports drinks are beverages that contain electrolytes and carbohydrates, not caffeine and other stimulants.

2-3 hours before Serving Size Grams of Carbohydrates
Baked potato (plain) 1 large 58 grams
Cereal (whole grain)/ low-fat milk (1%) Cereal: 1 cupMilk: ½ cup Cereal: 47 gramsMilk: 8 grams
Bagel (whole grain) with peanut butter 1 bagel2 tbsp peanut butter Bagel: 47 gramsPeanut butter: 8 grams
Fruit smoothie 12 fl. oz. 47 grams
Food bar (oatmeal raisin walnut) 1 bar 43 grams
Oatmeal (instant)/ low-fat milk (1%) Oatmeal: 1 cupMilk: ½ cup Oatmeal: 26 gramsMilk: 8 grams
Yogurt (nonfat) 1 cup 33 grams
Pancakes/ waffles (from mix) 2 pancakes (about 5” in diameter) 20 grams
Fresh fruit (chopped apple) 1 cup 19 grams


4 or more hours before Serving size Grams of Carbohydrates
Pasta/ Chicken/ Vegetables Pasta: 1 cupChicken: 4 oz.Vegetables: 1 cup Pasta: 60 gramsChicken: 0 gramsVegetables: 6 grams
Grilled chicken/ rice (white)/ fruit (chopped apple) Chicken: 3 oz.Rice: 6 oz.Fruit: 1 cup Chicken: 0 gramsRice: 44.4 gramsFruit: 19 grams
Granola bar (oatmeal raisin walnut)/ sports drink 1 barDrink: 8 oz. Bar: 43 gramsDrink: 14 grams
Liquid meal replacement 1 can (11 fl. oz.) 40 grams
Fruit juice 6 oz. 18 grams
Turkey sandwich (w/3 slices deli meat, 2 slices whole wheat bread, low-fat mayo)/ baby carrots Turkey: 1 sliceMayo: 1 tbspBread: 2 slices7 carrots Turkey: 0 gramsMayo: 0 gramsBread: 24 gramsCarrots: 3 grams
Tuna sandwich (2 slices whole wheat bread)/ nonfat mayo Tuna: 2 oz. drainedBread: 2 slicesMayo: 1 tbsp Tuna: 0 gramsBread: 24 gramsMayo: 0 grams
Trail mix with nuts/ raisins 1/3 cup 20 grams
Spaghetti with meat sauce 2-3 cups 75-100 grams

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Mark Robinson, ATC, CSCS

Mark Robinson is a certified athletic trainer and certified strength conditioning specialist, focusing in sports medicine, for OrthoIllinois. He also trains individuals and athletes with and without a variety of medical issues at Precision Sports Training and competes as a contract athlete for Running for a cause.

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