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Testimonial: “Sam” shares her experience with Dr. Antonacci and hip replacement

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When I met him, as soon as he walked through the door, He just put me at ease.

His demeanor. His calmness. The way he explained everything.

And you know I thought right away, before I would even say yes or whatever.

He said he works out of different hospitals. I didn’t know that.

And he only had certain days left on his calendar to work out at OSF where I wanted to go.

So December was taken. January was taken, and I said, “When’s the next time? When’s the next time?” And he said, “February.”

I got it, I want it; mark me down, and that was it.

I want you.

Well that lady there, was going to be having hip surgery by Dr. Antonacci.

And she was bonkers. Well, I was a little nervous too.

You know you’re skeptical when you have an operation.

And she said, “She doesn’t have a walker. She doesn’t have a cane.”

Well, I healed so quickly for my age.

He’s astonished at how well I did.

I’m 80, so…

I did pretty good.

And I told Dr. Antonacci, “I even jog.” “Don’t you dare jog.” He said, “You’re not fully ready for jogging yet.”

I mean, that’s how good I feel.

This hip operation. You know when I went to see him, he asked me “How’s your hip?”

Oh, did I have a hip operation? I didn’t know that. I don’t even remember that.

Have faith in him. Just have faith in him.

I have to use this quote, “Dr. Antonacci has the artistic, surgical hands of Michelangelo, and I have the artwork to prove it.

He’s good; he’s great, and I have passed his name on to so many people.

And I have run into so many people who had him.

“Oh! You had Dr. Antonacci!”

Everybody’s talking about Dr. Antonacci.

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Victor Antonacci, MD

As a hip and knee replacement specialist, Dr. Antonacci's career goals are to utilize the latest technology and refine his techniques in order to improve patient safety, satisfaction and surgical outcomes. He finds personal satisfaction in the recognition his patients benefit from surgical advancements that allow them to enjoy and improve their quality of life.

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