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How much will you owe after surgery?

The diagnosis is in.  The cause of your pain can be helped with surgery, but if you’re like most people, you’re wondering what kind of medical bills you’ll be facing when it is done.

We’ll be honest. We can’t tell you what your final bill will be.

There are too many variables that impact out-of-pocket costs, including your own insurance terms, unforeseen developments during surgery, and the length of therapy sessions you may need. So the most important thing you can do is get familiar with the terms of your health insurance coverage.

What we can provide is help understanding some basics about your responsibilities, OrthoIllinois OrthoIllinois and OrthoIllinois Surgery Center’s policies, and your payment options.

Insurance Coverage

OrthoIllinois does not know all the terms of your specific insurance policy. This agreement is between you and your insurance company.
It is your responsibility to confirm your deductible and co-pay requirements, and In-Network versus Out-of-Network coverage, including the portion of expenses insurance does not cover and for which you will be personally responsible. Typically these are 10, 20, or even 30% of charges after the deductible has been met.

OrthoIllinois, and OrthoIllinois Surgery Center are two separate companies. Each has contracted with a number of insurance carriers to be an In-Network participant. We will accept all health insurance plans, even if we are not considered an In-Network participant. However, the patient’s portion of responsibility is usually less for services by In-Network participants and your coverage should be considered when selecting a healthcare provider.

As a reminder, it is very important you verify your insurance coverage with your plan provider for the most current In-Network participants prior to scheduling an appointment.
Partipants can change from In- or Out-of-Network from year to year.

Deductibles and Co-Pays

If your insurance provider requires a deductible and/or co-pay for visits and services, we are obligated to collect it. We do not have the option to waive or reduce deductibles or co-pays.

Your Account Statement

OrthoIllinois and OrthoIllinois Surgery Center submit charges for services to your insurance carrier.

You are responsible for all remaining charges not paid by your insurance carrier, including your deductible and the portion of charges for which your policy defines as your responsibility. You will receive a statement from OrthoIllinois and from OrthoIllinois Surgery Center as well if your surgery was completed at the Center (for surgeries completed elsewhere, you will be billed separately by that facility). The statement will indicate charges for provided services, insurance payments that have been applied against the balance, and the remaining balance you may owe.

The balance will be due upon receipt of your statement. Defined payment plans are available upon request.

OrthoIllinois and OrthoIllinois Surgery Center both follow a policy that requires that we apply the same re-payment terms to all patients.

We apologize in advance, but for this reason we are unable to set up customized plans for individual patients.  Regardless of individual need or circumstances we can only offer the choice of our defined payment plans to patients requesting monthly payments.

We understand facing surgery can be stressful, and concerns about medical bills can compound that worry. Don’t be caught off guard by unexpected bills after your procedure. Get familiar with the terms of your health insurance, OrthoIllinois’ Insurance and Billing Information, Billing and Payment Procedures, and OrthoIllinois Surgery Center’s  Insurance and Billing Information,  and Billing and Payment Procedures to understand your financial responsibilities before your surgery or treatment.

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