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Mini-Posterior Approach Total Hip Replacement

Similar to the Direct Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement, the Mini-Posterior procedure involves accessing the hip joint by separating muscle fibers rather than cutting them.  The advantage being that muscle function is preserved, which helps speed recovery.  The Mini-Posterior Approach offers other distinct benefits as well.  Because the patient is positioned on his or her side the hip socket and femur are conveniently exposed.  The procedure is considered by many to be the simplest and easiest approach that as a result, provides the greatest margin of safety.   Direct access to the joint means that any component system and fixation type can be used, special equipment is not needed, there is less risk of femoral fracture, and less risk of inaccurate positioning of the new joint.  Both Anterior and the Mini Posterior Approaches can offer excellent results and share similar reduced recovery periods than traditional Total Hip Replacement methods.

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