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Telephone Policy


Our telephone policies are intended to minimize interruptions during the office schedule but to answer necessary questions and care for urgent problems. Urgent calls will be handled immediately. Routine calls will be returned later the same day or within 24 hours. Please note that the physician’s staff members usually do not return routine phone calls on days when the physician is conducting clinical appointments. Our staff is thoroughly trained in handling your messages and we appreciate your cooperation with them.

When you receive instructions from our office, please follow them carefully and contact us if you have further questions. We request that you make non-emergency telephone calls during regularly scheduled office hours. If you are experiencing an emergency or life-threatening situation call 911 immediately.


If you are unable to reach a physician’s scheduler to make an appointment, please leave a voicemail message including your name, date of birth, physician you are requesting and a brief description of the condition for which you are seeking treatment. You will usually receive a return phone call the same day, however on occasion it may require several days to receive a return phone call. The scheduler may need to contact the physician to review the request and best determine how the appointment request will be handled before contacting you.

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