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From our Patients

Dr Dansdill is a wonderful doctor! He goes above and beyond to help me. I have been a patient of his for many years. He is the best!!

Pat C.

[OrthoIllinois is] the best, that’s all I have to say!!! Thank you everyone!!

Lesha G.

One word that describes Dr. Kelly A. Holtkamp, Outstanding Orthopedic Surgeon!! Excellent knowledge of her diagnosis, courteous and awesome bedside manners.


I fractured my wrist on Easter, with the expertise of Dr. Schwartz and Amy Krolow, my hand therapist, I have got most of my grip, motion & strength back. I’m back to work & able to do thinks again. Thank you all!!

Jean L.

I’ve had a wonderful experience with OrthoIllinois and Rockford Memorial Hospital. From the knee replacement surgery performed by Dr. Bottros and Tim Gilbertson through my therapy with Lisa Paulson, Lindsay Randles and Manuel Molina. I have dealt with knee pain for 35 years and now I can walk 18 holes without pain.

Don F.

Dr. Rochell has treated 3 generations of my family. He has always been caring and conscientious. He has an excellent reputation as a surgeon. We keep coming back.

C. Martin

I have had nothing but great success with Dr. Dansdill. He listened to my concerns and made sure that I did not leave until I understood everything! I am so glad he is treating me.

Kim H.

Thank you Dr. Van Thiel and all the staff at OrthoIllinois you are all amazing! My surgery was yesterday and the staff made me feel very comfortable.

Celeste P.

I love OrthoIllinois! Great people providing a service thats professional, friendly and compassionate.

Jerry O.

Wow, amazing facility. I’m very impressed with how it’s run! (@ Ortho Express)


Dr. Barba replaced both of my hips last year. Before having my hips replaced, I was in pain 24/7 due to osteoarthritis. Now, after having my hips replaced, I have not had any trouble with my recovery from surgery or with my new joints. I am in my 20s and lead an active life, working as a welder and riding horses as a pastime, so I can assure anyone considering Dr. Barba as a surgeon that he is good at his job because I would not have been able to continue my lifestyle had I not gotten replacements. His bedside manner is great and I would recommend him to anyone looking for joint replacement.


Dr. Olson saved my life. I absolutely love all the nurses and staff. They treat you with such care and personal respect.

Ashley M.

Dr. Dansdill is the best doctor I have ever been to. He listens, he is compassionate, and he spends what ever time you need with him. I would go to him even if I lived in another state.

Linda M.

Could not be happier with Dr. Earhart, he is a gifted surgeon and a great communicator. Very kind and caring young man. My husband and I feel very fortunate to have had him perform this complicated ankle surgery. I would highly recommend him to anyone in need.

Roxanne M.

Dr. Mike Chmell is not only a great surgeon, but he becomes your friend. He really cares. I had both knees done by him at the same time at age 74. It turned out great. I am doing triathlons, biking, and everything I did before  the surgery. Wait no longer; go see him. You will be glad you did.

Chuck T.

It’s a miracle or at least that’s how I saw it. Recently, I broke my wrist and after only going to OrthoIllinois one week I could make a fist! That may not sound like much but to me it was a major accomplishment.

Susan M.

I had another foot surgery in March performed by Dr.John, she is wonderful.

Sherri M.

[Dr. Barba is a] wonderful, wonderful surgeon!! Knows exactly what is wrong & fixes it. Have had both hips replaced by him and one knee (wish he’d stop tripping me!). He’s always very concerned about me, and I appreciate the time he takes with me.

Mary H.

Dr. Antonacci did an anterior total hip replacement for me on Dec 16, 2015. I had a hip replacement on the other side in 2001 (the “old” way, by another doctor), so I had something for comparison. While the first replacement [was] trouble free, I remember that recovery as being quite a drawn out process! I’m amazed at how quickly I’ve been able to recover with this procedure! I think it’s wonderful that we have Dr. Antonacci in Rockford, IL!

Beverly E.

Dr. Bush is funny and forthright. He told me EXACTLY what is wrong with my feet, pulled no punches with the treatment options but ultimately left the decision for treatment in my hands. Highly recommend seeing him!

Kim S.

Dr. Van Thiel was very nice and very informative. Carly Jackson was gentle and made getting a cortisone shot not completely horrible. The staff were all very welcoming and made me at ease. Thank you.

Myria T.

The staff is very professional and compassionate. Dr. Antonacci and his team have taken excellent care of my hip and knee issues. I had left hip replacement in April 2014 and functioning well in 4 weeks (one night in the hospital and able to walk with little assistance and navigate stairs when I went home).

Brad L.

I am two weeks into my out patient therapy, and my guys have been just great with me! Just the right mix of compassion, and firm instruction.

Nancy B.

The second opinion I scheduled with Dr. Barba was the best decision I could have made. A knee replacement done in 2014 with a different physician in a different city had failed and that doctor could not find the issue. Dr. Barba found the problem immediately. A few weeks later, a revision surgery was done and now six short weeks later at the end of 2015, I am in less pain and have more flexion than I did for the last two years.

Cheri K

My physical therapy at the Riverside location was excellent.

Nancy E.

Thanks to Dr. Bush and Megan in Physical Therapy for all of the help with my ankle, I will be playing golf on our vacation in March.

Kris K.

Can’t say enough about the professionalism, patience, kindness, concern and care my son (and I) received today from Dr. Ferry and his staff today. Everyone was absolutely wonderful.

Sarah Jo F.

Dr. Van Thiel is wonderful and highly skilled. I had a Left Knee Osteochondral Allograft Transplant of the medial condyle 5 months ago. This was not an easy surgery, and together we have continued to see progress. Things are going well and I am still in therapy but my quality of life is so much better than it was before my surgery.

DeAnn M.

First I needed care for my injured right rotator cuff. Then it was a torn right meniscus in my knee. Dr. Trenhaile did a great job with both.

Don D.

Thank you to the finest surgeon in all the world, Dr. Mark Barba. You have given me my life back by replacing my hips. You are so professional and you I am so appreciative to you and all of your staff!!!

Mary H.

Dr. Foster is very caring and is a skilled surgeon. I suffered for years with thumb arthritis and roughly 2 months after surgery I was golfing and playing tennis pain free!


Anyone suffering with back issues I highly recommend Dr. Braaksma and his staff they are world class. I have to say that his nurses are the best!

Craig M.

Thanks to all at OrthoIllinois for excellent care; my hand surgery and OT couldn’t have gone better, and I can honestly say I’m better than I have been in years.

Gavin B.

I want to thank Dr. Schwartz for his steady hand in surgery. I had to have a double tendon transfer in my dominant hand because of my RA…I was scared to death never having surgery before. With surgery and therapy I’m almost back to normal, and it’s only been 13 weeks! Thank you, Dr. Schwartz!

Pam M.

Ortho Express .. totally rocks! I messed up some tendons in my foot; they got me right in on Saturday 3:30 pm and took all the Xrays, had an ortho doctor look at it and fitted me w/ a support and walking out before 5pm. One stop shop, no ER, or immediate care and follow up w/ Dr on Monday. I was very very impressed.

Tom O.

Dr. Trenhaile and the OrthoIllinois surgical staff rock.


Released from therapy today!!!! What a journey…..tearing a tfcc is a long recovery and my OT Amy K was amazing. Therapy was hard work, but actually fun ( yes I said fun and therapy in the same sentence). If I get hurt again, and I usually do, I will definitely go back to OrthoIllinois.

Oliva L.

I have been a patient for 2 years of Dr. Bush and now Dr. Schwartz. I can not say enough good things about them. Both are superb as are their staffs.

Sharon B.

OrthoIllinois rocks, they care about their patients and it really shows in how they treat their patients.

Lois DarDar R.

Dr. Bear saved my son’s life seven years ago after an auto accident. He was very caring and spoke to us like a regular person so we could understand everything. I love this man and even traveled 70 miles one way during terrible Chicago winters to get aftercare for my son. He is the best!

Donna R.

At the age of 38, I was told I had arthritis in my hip, and my only option was a hip replacement. I ignored that advice. Dr. Barba was highly recommended by a close personal friend. I met with Dr. Barba as a second opinion shortly before my 42nd birthday. Being a young person for this type of operation, I was reluctant, but not being able to live with the unbearable pain any longer, I decided it was time. I wish I would have done this years ago! Dr. Barba has literally changed my life. I am almost 44, have had NO pain, I have full range of motion, and I couldn’t be happier with Dr. Barba – his skill & his precision. My scar is minimal. I don’t even feel this hip. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Barba, and I’m grateful for how he changed my life!

Carrie F.

I absolutely love OrthoIllinois–from the first person who meets you at the door, to the last person who takes you next appointment. The therapists are the best and so friendly.

Pam R.

Beginning with my initial visit and conservative therapy through actual surgery and my very last follow up appointment, everything was wonderful. I felt Dr. Izquierdo truly listened and cared about me. Plus, my shoulder feels great!

Amy C.

I had a wonderful, wonderful experience from start to finish at OrthoIllinois. I encountered several departments and many staff members, and each of them had the same exceptional level of friendliness, professionalism, competency and efficiency. They have a system in place that WORKS!

Judy D.

I’m so grateful to the skilled surgeons (Jeffrey Earhart in particular) and supportive and knowledgable physical therapy staff (Stephanie Krueger notably). We made a great team in my successful recovery from shoulder surgery last February. I cannot thank them enough!

Sue S.

Grateful to Dr.Foster for the individualized care he gave my daughter. Her arm has healed so well, and thanks to Dr. Foster and Callie, who was her physical therapist, she is now back to tumbling again. Couldn’t have asked for better care!

Kelley E.

Dr. Izquierdo has a very pleasant bedside manner which made it easy for me to explain my health issues. I would definitely recommend Dr. Izquierdo to any one having shoulder or elbow issues.

Judith A.

48 hours after my knee surgery, and I feel like I can go back to work already. Thanks, Dr. Trenhaile!

Kris T.

Can’t say enough good things about Dr. Chmell! He is a great doctor and has helped to improve my lifestyle tremendously.

Linda Z.

I have arthritis in my right knee and am a runner, but due to a high risk pregnancy, had to stop all activity except for light walking for the duration of my pregnancy. The lack of activity did a number on my knee. The knee cap slid to the side and I had to start PT. I not only saw Dr Enke who is a runner, but he recommended me to Jon Gallas for therapy who is also a runner. I knew I was in great hands. I got in quickly and was able to begin therapy quickly. I did therapy both at OrthoIllinois and at home and I am happy to say that I was released today and can begin running again! I had a specific running plan and a list of good shoes for me to get. I am so grateful for everything that everyone did for me! THANK YOU!

Jean H.

I just want to say my doctor–Dr. Olson–is the best ever. Thank you so much.

Mary S.

I started having hip problems at age 52 and went to several doctors in another state, who all told me I was too young for surgery(since “hips wear out.”) When I moved to Illinois and connected with Dr. Barba at 62, he said “What are you waiting for? Let’s do it.” Thank goodness!! I had the right hip done several months later and when the left hip started going bad about 2 years after that, I had that done right away rather than suffer 10 years with it. I feel wonderful!!! I’m walking like I did when I was in my 20’s. I’m a teacher, and I can’t tell you how great it feels to walk down the halls at school and feel so YOUNG. I have no pain or noticable restriction of movement and can sleep comfortably on my side or on my back. Dr. Barba performed two modern miracles for me. He was business-like but friendly at the same time, and really knows what he is doing. Thank you, Dr.

Liz O.

Just wanted to post a big ‘Thank You’ to Dr. Whitehurst and Monica Hall for my recovery… A year ago on 9-11 I had knee surgery for torn meniscus. Aside from a great surgical experience, my PT was fantastic and I was released a month early! Fast forward several months and everything is still rocking! The knee has never felt better.

Mark K.

I highly recommend OrthoIllinois. They are awesome!!! Thank you!!!

Jill T.

OrthoIllinois is the best place! I had surgery on my foot and my therapist Manuel took great care of me.

Marsha B.

I can’t say enough good things about OrthoIllinois and their staff. Dr. Zussman and Dr. Blomberg are top notch surgeons in my book. I’m confident that I will walk again thanks to them.

Jon A.

Dr. Kelly John is absolutely the best. Had major surgery on a torn Achilles tendon. Six weeks later I am out of black boot and starting rehab. Never felt rushed when talking to her. She takes the time to talk to you and explain things so you can understand.

Barb S.

I saw Dr. Enke for a running injury. I followed up with Jon for pt. He addressed all of my issues and taught me a great deal about my form to keep me healthy in the future. I have already recommended OrthoIllinois to several people.

Karla G.

I absolutely love OrthoIllinois and the surgery center!! I brag about Dr. Bear all the time. He is phenomenal!

Kathy S.

Just finished my therapy for rotator surgery. Heather Riley and Manuel Molina were fantastic. I’m 67 years old and was expecting a very long recovery but because of them I am ready to play golf. Thank you.

John P.

I have had a good experience with OrthoIllinois Rehabilitation after my knee replacement surgery. I was able to return to part-time work and driving the first week of rehabilitation. * My progress was rapid and according to the program for me. * The physical therapy staff answered all my questions and addressed my fears. * The staff were able to advocate for me concerning medication between myself and the surgeons. * The therapy methods and equipment were state-of-the-art and my treatment progressed according to my ability. * The receptionist and all staff of the facility were very friendly and helpful, competent and qualified. I am glad I chose OrthoIllinois for my rehabilitation needs.

Karen G.

Greatly appreciate everything Dr. Korcek, Amy, and Jamie did for me. Have full use of my hands again, no pain, back to work, and MMA competitions! Very knowledgeable staff and great people.

Brock D.

I so much appreciate the constant kindness of your staff!

Julie Anna G.

Amy Krolow, and the staff at OrthoIllinois are awesome! Amy helped me recover from a broken pinky faster than I could have ever expected. Thanks to her, my fiance and I were able to move all of our furniture into our new house without having to hire any extra help

Nicholas F.

I am very impressed with the great work OrthoIllinois does! The hand therapy I received from Jen was outstanding,

Debbie Z.
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