Bundled Pricing

Price transparency for self-pay patients, self-funded employers, and shared ministry programs

The following disclosed prices do not apply if you will be filing an insurance claim or work comp claim. Bundle pricing for self-pay patients and employees of self-funded organizations are for same-day out-patient procedures performed at OrthoIllinois-owned ancillary surgery centers only and require full payment by cash or credit card prior to service.

Living in pain has a detrimental impact on quality of life. OrthoIllinois offers sub-specialized physicians of the highest level of skill and expertise that can help relieve painful injuries and conditions and put you back on the road to a more pain-free lifestyle.

We’re also committed to making decisions regarding your care as stress-free as possible – like removing the complexity and mystery about what costs you could be facing for surgical care. We offer price transparency on many common outpatient procedures that can bring you peace of mind knowing just what you’ll pay and what’s included.

Significant savings and benefits come with utilizing an ancillary surgery center for same-day outpatient procedures. “Bundling” those lower facility-related costs together with surgeon’s fees and other related costs into a single inclusive price provides the transparency needed to help make informed health care decisions.

  • Single set price for the services of a same day procedure, including:
    • Surgical implant costs
    • Physician fees
    • Anesthesiology fees
    • Facility fees
  • No deductible, No co-pays
  • Medical services under one roof. OrthoIllinois offers the convenience of physician visits, diagnostic imaging and pre-surgical testing under one roof.
  • Safety and cost savings from using an ancillary surgery center dedicated to just orthopedic procedures.
  • Individuals with out-of-network coverage, or who will self-pay for surgical procedures rather than utilize private insurance coverage.
  • Self-Funded Employers may enroll in the program, paying the single stated price for the procedure and their employees will not incur any deductible or co-pay.
  • Shared-ministry programs may participate in bundle pricing for their participants and pay the single disclosed price for the needed procedure.