About OrthoIllinois, a division of OrthoMidwest

About OrthoIllinois, a division of OrthoMidwest

On January 1, 2023 OrthoIllinois entered into an agreement with Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush (MOR) to affiliate as OrthoMidwest.  Both practices will continue providing services as  divisions of OrthoMidwest.  This means OrthoIllinois will begin being known as OrthoIllinois, a division of OrthoMidwest and MOR will begin being known as Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush, a division of OrthoMidwest.


Midwest Orthopaedics at Rush is a like-minded multi-specialty orthopedic practice and its nationally-recognized reputation as a leader in orthopedic care is well known.  With our shared practice foundations centered on the highest level of quality, commitment, and innovation in patient care, our affiliation will result in shared best practices to elevate care to the highest level.

Below you will find answers to common questions you may have regarding this aggregation and how it may impact services at OrthoIllinois.

Q: Will I keep my same doctor(s)?

A: Yes. You will still be able to see the same orthopedic and musculoskeletal specialists. There will be no changes to your doctor(s).

Q: How will I reach my doctor or clinic, request/change an appointment, or make a billing inquiry?

A: There will be no change to how you can contact our offices. To reach your OrthoIllinois Division doctor or clinic, to request /change an appointment, or make a billing inquiry, visit OrthoIllinois.com or call 815-398-9491.

Q: Will there be any location closings?

A: No. All our existing, convenient locations will remain open, and no services will be impacted by the aggregation.

Q: Will your services change?

A: No. The high-quality orthopedic care and ancillary services you are accustomed to will not be impacted.

Q: Will OrthoIllinois’ name change?

A: OrthoIllinois will be referenced to as OrthoIllinois, a division of OrthoMidwest. The name Rockford Orthopedic Associates, Ltd. will no longer be used, and will be replaced by OrthoMidwest, PLLC or OrthoMidwest, PLLC D/B/A OrthoIllinois

Q: Will my provider still be in network with my insurance provider?

A: We do not anticipate impactful network changes; however it is always recommended to check with your insurance plan directly to confirm your provider is in-network. Due to individual payer contracts, you may see that our name changes to OrthoMidwest on our agreement with your health insurance carrier. This will reflect by our practice being named as “OrthoMidwest” or “OrthoMidwest d/b/a OrthoIllinois” on your insurance carrier’s In-Network listing instead of either Rockford Orthopedic Associates, Ltd. or OrthoIllinois. You will also see us referenced as OrthoMidwest on any Explanation of Benefits and billing statements.

Q: Who will I make payments out to?

A:  Your billing statement will include specific instructions on how to make payments or you may continue to make payments online at https://www.orthoillinois.com/resources/pay-my-bill/

Q: If I am on a payment plan, will it change?

A: No. There will be no changes to existing account balances or payment plan arrangements.