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Research Center

Research Center

Ortho Illinois has long held a commitment to continuing medical education and providing university-level care.  In 2006, it was a natural next step to formalize a program that allows our physicians to participate in the process that contributes to medical research and makes revolutionary new products and treatments possible.

Be a part of our clinical studies:

Studies Currently Active and Enrolling

If interested, please call the Ortho Illinois Research Department at 779-774-1261.

  1. Post Market Unicompartmental Knee Study – Dr. Victor Antonacci, Riverside Office in Rockford
  2. Rheumatoid Arthritis Registry – Dr. Andrew Jasek, MD and Dr. Saad Tariq, Riverside Office in Rockford; and Dr. Amrit Anand, Elgin Office
  3. Phase 3, Randomized, Double-Blind Study Comparing Upadacitinib (ABT-494) to Placebo and to Adalimumad in Subjects with Actice Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) – Dr. Andrew Jasek, Primary Investigator and Dr. Saad Tariq, Sub Investigator, Riverside Office in Rockford
  4. Phase 3, Randomized, Double-Blind Study Comparing Risankizumab to Placebo in Subjects with Active Psoriatic Arthritis (PsA) – Dr. Saad Tariq, Riverside Office in Elgin
  5. Phase 3b/4, Randomized, Controlled Pragmatic Study of Baricitinib in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis – Dr. Andrew Jasek, Primary Investigator and Dr. David Dansdill, Sub Investigator, Riverside Office in Rockford.
  6. Post Market Study for Rotator Cuff Repair – Dr. Scott Trenhaile, Primary Investigator, Roxbury Office in Rockford; Dr. Rolando Izquierdo, Sub Investigator, Algonquin Office.
  7. Longitudinal Outcome Study: Subchondroplasty Procedure of the Hip – Dr. Geoffrey Van Thiel, Roxbury Office in Rockford.
  8. Randomized, Comparative Study: Nerve Cap vs. Neurectomy for Treatment of Foot Neuroma – Dr. Kelly John, Roxbury Office in Rockford.

About Clinical Research:

Clinical research studies are biomedical or health-related studies that involve patients with a targeted diagnosis. Depending on the specific study, there are usually 50-100 sites nationally or internationally participating in a particular study. Sites are carefully selected based on state-of-the-art diagnostic and facility criteria and by the commitment demonstrated by the physicians involved in top quality patient care.

By participating in national and international clinical research studies at the Phase II-IV levels, Ortho Illinois physicians have access to new treatment options for patients on a local level who have not experienced improvement through other treatments.

Currently, Ortho Illinois has executed over 80 clinical research and post market studies. We are proud to participate in the first-in-class drug studies for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, notably Xejanz® and Otezla®.  We seek advanced medical device studies including biodegradable materials or using the body’s own stem cells to heal joint damage.   By gaining years’ of experience using cutting edge technologies, our physicians already have the expertise you desire once a new drug or device is approved by the FDA.

In addition to expanding physicians’ experience and knowledge, being in a clinical trial offers great benefits to patients.  Study participants gain access to new research treatments before FDA approval or availability, receive more services, are assessed more frequently, and have a more active role in their health care.  Participating in a research study offers financial as well as health benefits, especially for those patients with high co-pays or who do not have healthcare coverage.  All laboratory, medication, and physician costs specific to the study are covered for the patient participant by the company conducting the study.

For further information about research studies contact:

Gauri Tyagi, MBBS/MS, Director of Research at 779-774-1261,

Heather Hackman, ROT, Clinical Research Coordinator, at 815-381-7468,

Timothy Nelligan, Clinical Research Coordinator, at 815-381-7457,

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