Spinal Bracing

Spinal Bracing

Custom molded LSO/TLSO

Custom devices start with either a mold or numerous measurements of the patients that are then used to fabricate a custom low or high profile back brace.  Typically these custom braces are constructed from a flexible thermoplastic material with a foam liner for comfort.  This can be done in our office, but often these orthoses are molded right in the hospital for the patient.  A custom back brace is often used in treating single and multi-level spinal fractures, especially those that have been deemed unstable.  Your doctor and the orthotist typically work together to identify which device is best for your condition.

Spinal Orthoses  – Lumbar and Thoracic

Various prefabricated spinal orthoses are also available to treat spinal conditions that do not require a custom molded brace.  These devices can be used to treat conditions from a simple diagnosis of back pain or osteoarthritis to simple vertebral fractures or post surgical conditions.  Your orthotist will work with your doctor to determine which brace is most appropriate for your condition.


The Jewett orthoses is most commonly used in the treatment of compression fractures from T6-L1 and for post surgical stabilization.  The Jewett uses a three point system to control forward flexion of the spine.


Scoliosis is the side to side curvature of the spine which can have numerous causes.  When people think of scoliosis they usually are thinking of what is known as adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, which occurs in some young people.  If the patient’s physician feels the patient is at risk of the spinal curve getting worse then the patient is referred to an orthotist for bracing.  A mold is taken of the patient and corrected before thermoplastic material is used to form the final brace.  Pads are then usually added inside the new brace to provide good corrective forces to the affected areas of the spine.  Multiple orthosis are usually needed as the patient grows.

Wear and Care Instructions for Your Orthosis

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