Surgery Centers

Surgery Centers

OrthoIllinois’ state-of-the-art Surgery Centers are representative of its commitment to comprehensive patient care.  The Centers’ physicians and staff utilize leading-edge technology and provide personalized care in a cost-effective manner.  Our goal is to ensure unparalleled surgical and medical care for each of our patients.

Industry Leading Care

Advanced and early adaptors of the latest techniques.  OrthoIllinois surgeons are trained in the very latest surgical techniques and often train other surgeons from around the world in these techniques.  Here, in 2016, an OrthoIllinois surgeon performed one of the first outpatient total knee replacements performed in an ambulatory surgery center setting in the U.S.  Today, knee, hip and shoulder replacements are common daily out-patient procedures performed at the centers along with spine, arthroscopic, hand/upper extremity, and foot and ankle surgeries.

State of the art technology.  Our surgery centers are equipped with the latest technology to ensure the most accurate and efficient surgical care.  In fact, our OrthoMidwest Surgery Center located in Beloit, Wisconsin is equipped with an Intelligent Operating Room system that uses advanced technologies including artificial intelligence capabilities to optimize workflow and minimize manual activities, allowing more time for patient care. Each of its four operating rooms are equipped with this state-of-the-art equipment utilizing the most advanced medical technology available. The data collected ensures total joint surgeons more precise and accurate implant position for more consistent results. In addition, manual activities typically performed by the care team are reduced, offering efficiency and the ability to focus more fully on the patient.

Skilled and dedicated care teams.  The surgery centers offer the very best in patient care with board certified/admissible physicians, experienced anesthesiologists, and dedicated nurses and technicians. This surgical team works together to provide a sterile and safe surgical environment. OrthoIllinois Surgery Centers and OrthoMidwest Surgery Center are of a select few ambulatory surgery centers in the country to employ our own anesthesiologists.

Meet our anesthesiologists

Offering convenience, cost, and safety benefits.  Ambulatory surgery centers are ideal for surgery or pain management procedures that do not require an overnight hospital stay. This means patients arrive at the center on the day of the surgery, undergo the surgical procedure in an operating room, and recuperate under the care of our experienced nursing staff. When ready, the patient is escorted that same day by a family member or companion to continue recovery in the comfort of their own home. Each member of our staff strives to provide a comfortable experience to ensure a complete and faster recovery.

OrthoMidwest Surgery Center is focused on spine and total hip & knee replacement procedures, offering the additional benefit of six beautiful and comfortable B4Home Stay Suites (SM) to accommodate patients wishing to stay up to 24 hours at the center before going home.

For OrthoIllinois patients undergoing outpatient procedures at any of our ambulatory surgery centers offer the additional benefits of:

  • Convenience and the ability to recover in the comfort of your own home offers a less-stressful experience.
  • Safety.  Ambulatory surgery centers have a lower risk of infection compared to hospital settings.
  • Lower cost than procedures performed in a hospital setting.
  • Focused commitment.  OrthoIllinois’s ambulatory surgery centers are physician owned allowing your doctor to have more control in providing you with the most efficient, safe, and comfortable experience.

Accredited and Award Winning.  Representing the finest in professional and technical competency, we are committed to your personal comfort and professional care, using the latest medical technology, advanced procedures, and state-of-the-art equipment. Licensed and certified by the State of Illinois Department of Public Health, Medicare and AAAHC (Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care), the surgery centers demonstrates its rigorous commitment to the highest standards of quality care.

OrthoIlloinois Surgery Center in Rockford has earned the additional recognition of the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) designation as a Center of Excellence in Surgical Safety:  Smoke Evacuation.  This Go Clear Award signifies that surgical teams at the center have successfully completed a comprehensive, evidence-based program and adopted technolgies to ensure a surgical smoke-free environment for its patients and staff.

For more information regarding the quality and safety of care at Ortho Illinois Surgery Centers and OrthoMidwest Surgery Center, please see the “Quality and Safety Facts” section below.

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  • A list of all your current medications
  • OrthoIllinois Surgery Centers and OrthoMidwest Surgery Centers successfully meet stringent AAAHC accreditation standards each evaluation period.AAAHC accreditation means that our organization participates in on-going self- evaluation, peer review and education for continuous improvement initiatives, and is subjected to a thorough, on-site survey by AAAHC surveyors who are themselves healthcare professionals, at least every three years.
  • Proper pre-screen testing is done per anesthesia protocol and procedures are in place to carefully review and consider each patient’s medical history and current health information to determine eligibility for safely undergoing a surgery or procedure in the outpatient ambulatory setting of our surgery centers.
  • Specific protocols are in place and staff is regularly educated and drilled for emergent situations. OrthoIllinois staff participate in Code Blue mock drills and Mailignant Hyperthermia mock drills. Should a patient encounter a complication while at the Center, protocols for the immediate relocation to a hospital equipped to respond to that complication are in place. In Rockford, OSF Saint Anthony Medical Center is located across the street from OrthoIllinois Surgery Center.
  • Our anesthesia providers are medical doctors (no nurse anesthetists) devoted specifically to our ambulatory surgery centers.
  • Surgery Center staff participate in yearly competencies including: respiratory assessments and treatments, sterile processing, EKGs, diabetes monitoring and treatment, proper patient positioning, proper sterile technique, and disaster drills.
  • 2017 Statistics: Patient transfer rate 0.1% (4 of 3,915 surgeries); Infection Rate 0.2% (7 of 3,915 surgeries).
  • 2016 Statistics: Patient transfer rate 0.22% (8 of 3,498 surgeries); Infection Rate 0.2% (7 of 3,498 surgeries).


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