Patient Stories

Patient Stories

Patty Palmquist

JOYNT Replacement Program • Patient Story


“I have had a great privilege of being part of a wonderful program called JOYNT.  This program was through OrthoIllinois and the YMCA.  I received many benefits from the 12-week program.  I really enjoyed the aqua exercise classes, they gave me more strength, mobility, and weight reduction.  The dietary classes were very informative in helping me make better and healthier choices with my eating habits.  The best part was being part of a group of women who totally understood about pain and challenges.  They were a huge encouragement and inspiration, along with the awesome support of directors and instructors.  I would highly recommend this program to hurting women.  I have now joined the YMCA and am looking forward to continuing to be a healthier me.  This is the best thing I ever did for myself.”     – Pamela J.


“The JOYNT program helped me lose the weight I needed to in order to have my knee replaced.  In addition to the benefits of water therapy I learned a lot about nutrician and how to keep focused on my goal.  At the end of the program I had met my goal and had my knee replaced with great results.  It has also helped me make positive changes that have become a part of my regular lifestyle.  I appreciate all of the support I received from Megan and the OrthoIllinois team throughout the entire experience.  I would recommend it to anyone!”   – Cindy


“I was invited to join the JOYNT program through OrthoIllinois to best prepare me for a joint replacement.  The program has helped me meet my goals of losing weight and gradually strengthening my muscles.  I was a little intimidated at first because this was unfamiliar territory.  The program is designed to meet you where you are at and provide support to achieve your goals, but I have found it much more than that.  I have met some wonderful, like-minded people who understand what I’m going through and I have formed some new friendships along the way.  Besides helping me lose weight and strengthen my muscles, the program has given me a positive mental attitude.  As a result of JOYNT, I feel better inside out.  It has taken me a little time to create new healthy habits and build it into my regular routine, however it has been a consistently positive experience for me.  I can truly say that the secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.  I’m putting in the effort and I’m seeing the rewards.  My life is getting better not by chance but by change.”  Patty P.


“I enjoy coming to the OrthoIllinois JOYNT water classes.  I’m a cancer patient that has both Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis.  I’m in need of a left knee replacement, so the JOYNT aquatic fitness program is wonderful place to not only drop weight but become more flexible.  To date I have lost 20 lbs.  Since starting the program I have also become much more flexible.  The staff is very caring, supportive and motivating.  I am completely dedicated to this program.  Remember, no one fights alone!”    – Everett P.


The JOYNT therapy program has been so helpful to me.  The kindness, support and encouragement from everyone involved in the program has helped me on my journey to good health.  I’ve gotten stronger, my knees hurt less, I sleep better and best of all, I love water exercise!  It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed physical work outs.  It’s wonderful going to a joint water class and seeing friends from our program.  I am so grateful for my time in JOYNT therapy!”    – Tricia D.


“I needed a new right hip replacement, so I went to OrthoIllinois and saw Dr. Antonacci.  He said that I needed to lose some weight before I could have the surgery.  He introduced me to a new program that OrthoIllinois sponsors called JOYNT.  I signed up for the classes which ran for 12 weeks.  I finished all my classes and took off the weight that I needed to take off for my surgery.  I can’t tell you how much I loved the swim classes and how good it felt to get in the pool to relieve the pressure on my hip joint.  I could do so much more in the pool and felt like I had so much energy.  I could hardly wait to go every Tuesday and Thursday evening for my swim class.  I met so many new people and made so many friends in my class.  We were all there for the same purpose of losing weight, with meetings once a week and weigh ins every two weeks.  Megan with OrthoIllinois is in charge of the class and she does a wonderful job managing everyone.  The swim instructor at the YMCA was wonderful  and everyone could go at their own pace.  If you have a chance to take this class it is worth your while and it sure did help me.”    – Bonnie B.


“My name is Sindi.  I was informed by my doctor that my knee surgery could not be performed until I lost 16 lbs.  At first I was very angry and didn’t understand why I am completely healthy and the only issue is my knees.  I was told about the JOYNT program, so I called Megan and she was and is awesome.  She made me feel better about myself and my situation.  Twelve weeks later my legs are stronger, I have stopped falling, and I have lost 10 lbs, and in addition I have made new friends who are in the same boat as me!  I have loved every minute of doing this class and can’t thank Megan and my doctor at OrthoIllinois and the YMCA.  I love this class and as soon as I recover from my surgery I will be back in the water!!”   – Sindi B.




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