Upper Extremity Bracing

Upper Extremity Bracing

Hand / Wrist Splints

Many custom and off-the-shelf solutions exist for hand and wrist conditions.  Most people are aware of the very common wrist splint used to treat carpal tunnel syndrome.  Orthosis exist or can be made to treat other common afflictions, such De Quervain’s or wrist drop.   Custom devices can also be fabricated to prevent contracture from spastic muscles.

Fracture Bracing

Fractures in the arm can sometimes be treated with a brace rather than a traditional cast.  The orthosis acts as a removable and adjustable cast.  If the broken bone is found to need repositioning after an x-ray, it’s a simple matter of adjusting from the the inside of the fracture brace to achieve optimal alignment.

Elbow Orthosis

Elbow orthosis is most often used post-injruy or post surgery to limit motion in the joint and allow healing.

Positional Supports

We also have many other positional supports for varying injuries or ailments.  A shoulder abduction orthosis can be used post shoulder surgery to provide positioning for optimal healing.  A shoulder immobilizer is also available to really limit motion in the shoulder due to injury or surgery.  A figure of eight harness can be used to pull the shoulders back in the case of a clavicle fracture.

Wear and Care Instructions for Your Orthosis

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