Access a full range of rehabilitative services

WorkRightSM offers a full spectrum of rehabilitation services that are focused on safely preparing workers for return to work.

Physical and Occupational Therapy

Our therapists have advanced training to specialize in both conservative and post-surgical management of all orthopedic conditions including work injuries. Treatments may include therapeutic exercise, ASYTM, electrical stimulation, ultrasound, iontophoresis, traction, taping, hot packs, and cold packs.

Work Conditioning

Work Conditioning, offered through the skill and expertise of Rex D. Brown, MS, CEAS, and Rachel Viel, MS, PT, CWcHP after traditional therapy is complete, focuses on restorative exercise programs designed traditionally to prepare the worker to return to work. Incorporating the basic components of strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination in simulated work activities, work conditioning provides the additional rehabilitation to allow employees to safely resume their duties and help prevent further injury.

Functional Capacity Evaluations (FCE)

FCEs assist the Physician in determining a worker’s ability to return safely to his/her job. If the results of the FCE reveal the worker is unable to meet the job’s demands, it will assist the clinician in making further recommendations for treatment (which may include Work Conditioning) or a return to work with restrictions and/or reasonable accommodations.

OrthoIllinois’ WorkRightSM providers utilize the XRTS FCE testing system, offering the most objective way to measure effort – of critical importance as recent studies have shown that the biggest predictor of the functional outcome of an FCE is the validity of the effort that the worker puts forth during testing.

Make your work environment safer

Matching the functional capabilities of candidates or return-from-injury workers with the essential functions of the job can be key for employers seeking to create a safer, more productive workplace.

The certified WorkRightSM clinicians at OrthoIllinois utilize the proprietary WorkSTEPS employment testing program that offers employers validated, measurable results with a predictable return on investment.

  • Decreased turnover
  • Increased worker safety
  • Safer work environment
  • Reductions in lost time
  • Diminished incidence of fraud and abuse
  • reduced modifier rates and Workers’ Compensation premium
  • Reduction in group health costs

Choose from three WorkSTEPS employment tests

This content-valid functional employment testing has been performed millions of times resulting in significant benefits for employers, including mitigating costs and days lost throughout the post-injury process.

  1. Comprehensive Post-offer Employment Screen
  2. Comprehensive Post-offer Employment Screen with Upper Quadrant Test
  3. Fit for Duty Screen
  • Historical pre-injury data from post-offer tests can be used as a “baseline” for claims.
  • WorkSTEPS testing helps mitigate the number and cost of claims and assist in the resolution of claims
  • WorkSTEPS testing helps physical performance and capabilities post-injury.
  • WorkSTEPS data helps facilitate accommodation to reduce employee time-lost due to injury.

Meet our experienced staff:

Rachel Viel, MS, PT, CWcHP has been working in the Rockford area since 1997, honing her skills as an expert in the area of functional testing and management of work-related injuries. Additional training and certifications in nationally-recognized functional testing programs and her critical thinking skills have allowed her to utilize a legally defensible FCE product for accurate assessment of functional status. Rachel has also provided educational training to insurance adjustors, case managers and attorneys regarding functional testing. She is currently a Certified Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Provider and Certified XRTS FCE provider.

Rex D. Brown, MS, CEAS specializes in the field of Industrial Rehabilitation, utilizing his extensive experiences in spinal and scapular stabilization, body mechanics training, work conditioning, work hardening, functional capacity evaluations and return to work programming, to the benefit of Rockford area workers since 1988. With a focus on injury prevention, he has specialized in creating ADA/EEOC-compliant functional job descriptions, post-offer employment screenings, and return to work/fit-for-duty assessments. He is currently a Certified Ergonomic Assessment Specialist and certified in the XRTS FCE protocol.

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