Jason Kadar, PA-C

Jason Kadar, PA-C


After studying Athletic Training in undergraduate at ISU, and working full time as an Advanced-EMT in the state of Indiana, I knew that becoming a physician assistant was a career that could fulfill everything that I needed to be happy and feel accomplished. To this day, I feel that I have made the best decision in choosing a career path.

I started working at Ortho Illinois in September 2006, working with the orthopedic trauma surgeons for 10 years.   In 2015 I began working with a total joint surgeon and worked part-time simultaneously at Injury Express  before transferring to sports medicine to now work with Dr. Trenhaile.

As a Physician assistant, I believe that redundancy can shape the mind to become narrow.  I try to make it an important focus in my line of work to rethink and approach any situation at multiple angles in hope to achieve a thought out and concise resolution to the task that has been presented.  I believe that both empathy and sympathy are much needed in our line of work, and try my best to carry them with me.