Additional Resources

Additional Resources

The Treatment Plan

The successful pain relief treatment plan combined with Cox Technic Flexion Distraction and Decompression protocols involves in-office careat-home care and acceptance of the fact that it takes time to heal. It won’t take an eternity, but it will take a period of time.  Discover more information on treatment plans and in-office therapies here.

Get Relief at OrthoIllinois Chiropractic

No time is better than now to get pain alleviation. You have agonized long enough. Today’s spinal research literature is abundant with reports on the benefit of conservative, non-surgical, active care for spine pain.  Get answers to your questions about non-surgical pain relief through chiropractic services.

ID Your Pain

Identifying the cause of your pain is a first step toward implementing an appropriate non-surgical treatment plan.  Learn more and answer a few questions on the Spine Quiz to help identify the possible causes of your pain by answering a few questions.