Total Joint Replacement

Total Joint Replacement

Total joint replacement is one of the most successful surgeries available today. Total joint replacement has been shown to reliably decrease pain and restore mobility and function in patients with end stage arthritis and other joint conditions including congenital, developmental and traumatic joint problems.

Total joint replacement allows patients to maintain a more physically active lifestyle so they can resume the activities and hobbies that make life enjoyable for many years to come.  Recent advances in total joint replacement allow young, active patients with high physical demands to prevent progressive degeneration of their joints and improve their quality of life, reduce their pain and maintain proper fitness to reduce the risks of chronic health conditions.

New surgical procedures, implant materials and designs offer improved longevity.  Some common joint replacements such as total knee and hip can often be performed as minimally invasive surgical procedures in an outpatient setting. Recovery is faster and there is less need for pain killers, less need for transfusions, lower risks of infection, and better recovery at home.

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