Whether young or mature, suffering from hip pain can be an obstacle to an active lifestyle. Ortho Illinois’ Hip Center offers advanced comprehensive hip care for patients of all ages. From joint replacement for those suffering from advanced arthritis to arthroscopic surgery to repair torn tendons or hip impingement, we have a skilled orthopedic specialist focused on helping you return to a more pain-free active life. Our surgeons regularly attend national meetings, conferences, and training to further their knowledge and keep abreast of new developments such as minimally invasive techniques and alternative bearing surfaces.

Our commitment to providing a higher standard of care includes extensive research on patient outcomes and patient satisfaction that demonstrates that higher standard. For example, at three months post-surgery, Total Hip arthroplasty patients report:

Hip Arthroscopic Surgery

Injuries or conditions that damage the ligaments, bone, cartilage, and other soft tissues surrounding the hip joint can frequently be repaired with minimally invasive hip arthroscopy, or “hip scope.” The hip scope is usually an out-patient procedure that offers smaller incisions, earlier rehabilitation, and an earlier return to activity. The best candidates for this procedure are active individuals who have not yet suffered from significant cartilage loss or arthritis.  Appointments are available at the Rockford – Roxbury and Crystal Lake clinics.

About The Hip Arthroscopy Center and Dr. Van Thiel

Dr. Van Thiel is a nationally recognized expert in the field of hip arthroscopy having performed hundreds of procedures on patients from recreational to high level athletes.  He serves as a team physician in the Chicago Blackhawks Medical Network as well as with the US National Soccer Teams.  He continues to speak and teach internationally on surgical techniques in hip arthroscopy and the treatment of hip pain.  As an Assistant Professor at Rush University Medical Center he believes in cutting edge research and has published many articles and book chapters on techniques in hip arthroscopy.  Read his full bio.

Under the direction of Dr. Geoffrey Van Thiel, a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon specializing in hip arthroscopy, the Hip Arthroscopy Center involves a comprehensive panel of specialists in the areas of non-operative hip care, physical therapy, and arthroscopic surgical management. This skilled focus enables accurate diagnosis of hip pain while providing a multi-specialty approach to patient care resulting in the best cutting edge treatment available. Whether the hip condition requires conservative care or an arthroscopic surgical procedure, the Hip Arthroscopy Center offers specialized care to return patients to a more comfortable and active lifestyle.

Arthroscopic Hip Surgery

  • Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI)
  • Labral Tears
  • Gluteus Medius Tears
  • Sports hip injuries
  • Hip pain in youth and active adults
  • Synovitis

Hip Joint Replacement

For more than fifty years, joint replacement surgery has had a profound effect on the quality of life in patients with advanced arthritis. And now, new technologies may offer further benefits to qualifying adults suffering from hip pain. Hip Resurfacing, a breakthrough alternative to total hip replacement for qualified candidates, preserves more of the patient’s natural bone, allows for greater range of motion, and can decrease the chance of dislocation. Anterior Approach total hip replacement is a revolutionary tissue-sparing approach that requires a shorter hospital stay, a smaller incision, and poses less muscle trauma and risk of dislocation. An advanced focus on perioperative pain management addresses techniques in anesthesia, medication, and non-pharmacological options utilized pre-, during, and post-surgery to secure the most comfortable experience possible for patients.

Hip Joint Replacement

  • Osteoarthritis
  • Birth deformity of hip
  • Painful joint replacements
  • Arthritis following an injury
  • Hip pain of unknown cause
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Failed joint replacements
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