Independent Medical Evaluations

Independent Medical Evaluations

Independent Medical Evaluations, or IME’s, provide an objective understanding of the impact for occupational health issues of injury, illness or condition.

Ortho Illinois’ board certified experts can provide an unbiased and independent medical opinion through comprehensive history, physician examination and/or medical record review to clarify occupational health, disability, and liability cases.

Our fellowship-trained orthopedic subspecialists in the areas of hand/upper extremity, shoulder, hip, knee, and spine have the expertise to evaluate for compensability, appropriate diagnosis, and treatment of injury cases.

A dedicated coordinator is available to assist legal, insurance, and employer clients with scheduling a case review with an appropriate musculoskeletal specialist by phone, email, or online request.

Phone: 815-381-7444

  • IME FEES:  $1,700 prepayment required.  (Independent Medical Examinations Services) (Workers Compensation)
  • ADDENDUM FEES:  $500 prepayment required. (Review of new records previously not available to physician for examination.)

Please forward the cover letter immediately. The cover letter must list all questions that will need to be addressed.  Additional charges, starting at $500.00 may applied based on the volume of records and complexity of the case. Prepayment will be requested once the examination date is set. This fee includes examination and report. Prepayment and Records must be received within one week of the scheduling of the exam. If a re-exam is requested, a cover letter and all records from the last exam to the present must be provided.

The patient MUST bring all actual films (X-rays, MRIs, CT, etc.) along with reports with them at the time of the exam. Failure to follow any of the above requirements may result in a cancellation of this appointment. If additional X-rays are needed, an additional charge will be billed.

A fee, of up to $850.00 may be charged if the examination is canceled to compensate for the review of records prior to the exam. A Full Exam Fee will be charged if the patient is a “No Show”, rescheduled, or cancels an appointment within (48 Hours of the scheduled exam).