Are you taking the right medications for osteoarthritis pain? Part 1

Pain relief for arthritis is possible through medication. But nothing will completely solve the problem because we can’t repair or replace damaged cartilage. Yet. That doesn’t mean, though, that you have to live with excessive pain–a reality I more


When snow blowers attack: everything you need to know to avoid a snow blower injury

Are you excited for snow? Tons of it? Or perhaps just a few inches? No? Neither are we, but every year, the snow comes and we can’t stop it.  It blows, it’s cold, and it usually stays until more


7 things to expect at your first physical therapy appointment

Your first physical therapy appointment is another step on your road to recovery, and with everything new, it’s nice to travel a road you’re at least somewhat familiar with. 1. Paperwork! (Yeah, we know) We know it can more


3 tips to prevent basketball injuries in young athletes

It only takes one second. But the affects are felt for days, weeks, maybe the whole season. As we enter the halfway point during the basketball season, a common question in sports medicine is how does an athlete more