3D-printed casts look great, but do they provide any substantial benefits to patients?

Have you ever wondered why the cast hasn’t changed in (what seems like) forever? Sure, it’s great to have bright colors, but that’s not really a fundamental change; it’s certainly not a change or improvement in the technology. more


Our Surgery Center Turned 10 This Month!

From left to right: Dr. Whitehurst, Don Schreiner – CEO, Dr. Chmell, Dr. Bear, Dr. Barba, Dr. Bush, Dr. Trenhaile Dr. Chmell, Medical Director for ROSC, reflects on the 10-year anniversary: The Rockford Orthopedic Surgery Center celebrates being more

Patient Stories

Testimonial: “Sam” shares her experience with Dr. Antonacci and hip replacement

PARTIAL TRANSCRIPT: When I met him, as soon as he walked through the door, He just put me at ease. His demeanor. His calmness. The way he explained everything. And you know I thought right away, before I more