What you need to know about low back pain

Workmen shoveling snow, via the Boston Public Library. The problem Low back pain is very common and affects 85% of adults by age 50. If you have not had low back pain at some point in life, you more


Why your rotator cuff tear may or may not require surgery

[blockquote]The tendon is like a rubber band, and after a tear, the cuff only connects on one end.[/blockquote] About the Rotator Cuff So the rotator cuff tendon attaches to the…there are four tendons that create the entire rotator more


Dr. Trenhaile trains shoulder surgeons from South Korea

In early September, Dr. Trenhaile had the opportunity to train four surgeons from South Korea at the wet lab at one of Rockford Orthopedic’s locations. He spent a few days with them, helping them to perfect a few more

Patient Stories

How Jamie and Laura returned to sports after injury

As an athlete, have you ever wondered what it would be like to suffer a major injury requiring surgery? What would be involved in the struggle to return to your sport? It’s a question many athletes face, and more


How diet affects Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and Gout

“What should I eat more of to help my arthritis?” Patients suffering from chronic arthritis pain ask this question daily, and it’s a good question to ask.  Often, the hope that at least some relief may be found more