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It’s World Osteoporosis Day, so let’s serve up bone health!

Like the title says, today is World Osteoporosis Day, and the International Osteoporosis Foundation has put together some great resources to learn more about Osteoporosis. This year, the theme of World Osteoporosis Day is “Serve Up Bone Strength.” A healthy diet is essential for everyone, but it’s particularly important for those suffering from osteoporosis because… read more

I had a total hip replacement and my hip hurts!

It’s not common for me to hear a lot of complaints about pain after hip replacement surgery because a total hip replacement is one of the best surgeries a patient can undergo to get relief from a painful arthritic joint. 95% of the time, patient’s have wonderful outcomes, but sometimes, problems arise after a total… read more

When is the right time to consider a joint replacement to remedy degenerative arthritis?

The decision to proceed with a total joint replacement is rarely easy. A patient with osteoarthritis usually experiences a gradual increase in pain and functional disability, which means the patient will have fewer and fewer good days and pain will frequently affect sleep. Normal daily activities such as shopping and climbing stairs become exceedingly difficult…. read more

Rheumatoid Arthritis: 11 facts and myths explained

1. Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is an extreme form of wear and tear arthritis. False. It is true that Osteoarthritis (OA) the more common form of arthritis, is caused by every day wear and tear with gradual loss of normal joint cartilage, the smooth as glass lining tissue found in joints, OA degeneration of joints is… read more

Who is a good candidate for partial knee replacement

There are three main sections in the knee–we refer to them as compartments–that can undergo osteoarthritic changes and these include the inside of the knee, which is more common (the medial compartment), the outside of the knee (the lateral compartment), and underneath the knee cap (patellofemoral joint). Some patients will have isolated single compartment disease…. read more

12 things you need to know about calcium supplements for bone health

[quote]High priced “brand name” Calcium tablets offer no advantages, in spite of their marketing claims.[/quote] 1. Why is Calcium important? Calcium plays a critical role in proper function throughout the body, including blood cells, muscle, and nerve.  Over 98% of the Calcium in our body is in bone tissues, where it provides strength.  For proper… read more