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Interview with Scott Trenhaile, MD: When will I feel normal again after surgery?

Dr. Trenhaile performs surgery at the Rockford Orthopedic Surgery Center while a team of surgeons from Japan observe. We recently sat down with Dr. Scott Trenhaile to talk about an involved, complicated question he hears from patients: when more


New study may change the way spinal stenosis is treated in the future

A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine and discussed in the New York Times, found that patients who had a standard steroid injection for spinal stenosis did not decrease pain or improve function after six more


12 things you need to know about calcium supplements for bone health

[quote]High priced “brand name” Calcium tablets offer no advantages, in spite of their marketing claims.[/quote] 1. Why is Calcium important? Calcium plays a critical role in proper function throughout the body, including blood cells, muscle, and nerve.  Over more