Why we love and support the Northern Illinois Food Bank

Watch the news segment from 13 WREX UPDATE: In January, 2015, we were able to present a check for almost $33,000 to the Northern Illinois Food Bank. We’re hoping we can give more next year! JANUARY, 2014 – more


Benefits of shoulder replacement confirmed for RA patients

People living with shoulder pain due to rheumatoid arthritis can take some comfort in a recent Mayo Clinic study confirming that shoulder replacement surgery does help those living with excessive pain. While surgery is never an option to more


How to stay fit and prevent running injuries during the winter

Do you brave the dark, cold, snow, and ice and head outside, retreat to a treadmill, or take a break until warmer weather returns? All of these are fairly common options, but there’s more to consider. What to more


Feeling Dizzy? How it happens and how your physical therapist can help

Have you ever experienced a bout of dizziness when you got up from a seated to a standing position “too quickly”? How about rolling over in bed? Or even lifting your head up from a down position? These more


French study examines benefits of avocado and soy in slowing osteoarthritis of the hip

A recent study in the Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases, found that an avocado-soy pill decreased the percentage of people whose osteoarthritis progressed after three years by 10%. While this may seem somewhat promising, Dr. Richard Olson, a more

Hand, Wrist & Elbow

What you need to know (and ask about) before your thumb surgery

Thumb basal joint arthritis is the most common arthritic condition affecting the hands, and it turns routine activities such as opening jars, turning keys, shaking hands, and even buttoning into painful activities; frankly, it’s a debilitating condition, but it’ more