5 Keys of Proper Running Form

Hold on a second. Isn’t running just grabbing a pair of shoes and putting one foot in front of the other? If you’ve thought this, you’re not alone, and technically, yes. All you need to do to run is–well–run, more


Am I too young to undergo total knee arthroplasty?

Many younger patients with debilitating knee pain and a diagnosis of end stage arthritis of the knee are under the impression that getting a knee replacement is only for elderly patients. Unfortunately, this leads to many patients under more


Ask the Doc: Without any apparent injury, my shoulder has become stiff and painful. What can I do about ?

Have you ever reached over your head to take down a glass for a drink or tried to put on your coat but you felt like your shoulder/arm just wouldn’t reach where you wanted it to reach? So more


Is the endurance craze good for our bodies?

It’s that time of year again, summer has ended, kids are back in school, and the fall marathon season is upon us. Now, maybe the fall marathon season is not upon you, but keep reading anyway because my more