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4 surgical options for Dupuytren’s contracture Note: I have a favorite option

Surgery shouldn’t be a mysterious adventure where you pick an option, desperately hoping that you’ll like it only to find out that there was a better option available. It’s the classic box of chocolates conundrum. If you don’t have...read more


You can have shoulder arthritis and still be fit and active

It’s a terrible feeling. You just know that if you don’t change your workout habits, you’ll end up not being able to work out. I know because I was there.  My shoulder sounds like gravel, and I had a...read more


First it was a lump in my palm and now I can’t straighten my fingers

So why the picture of some random guy? Well, he’s not random. We have him to thank for Dupuytren’s contracture (he’s Dupuytren, in case you didn’t pick that up). Dupuytren’s is a potentially debilitating condition where your fingers slowly...read more


The danger of a too-lean physique for female athletes

The positive effects of sport participation in females are numerous and include both mental and physical health benefits.  However, with the increasing number of adolescent females participating in sports, a unique health concern arises.  The Female Athlete Triad, a...read more


Overuse baseball injuries and how to identify and prevent them

Who wants to be the best?  I would venture to say most people want to be the best.  Now, how many of us actually work hard enough to be the best?  Maybe that’s a smaller number. I think the...read more