Osteoarthritis Pain Medications: Part 2

This is the second part of my survey of your osteoarthritis medication options. Read part 1 here. Part 2 focuses more on potent medications.  Always check with your rheumatologist before beginning any medication regimen. Tramadol This is a more


The First Broken Bone in our Family

[quote]I felt like somebody punched me in the stomach.[/quote] It’s been almost two years since my daughter broke her arm.  She’s now fine.  Her arm works normally.  I still get a crushing “squeezy hug” from her every night more


Oxygen without taking a breath: potentially lifesaving injection for thousands

What would you do with 15 minutes of not needing to take a breath?  Plug your nose, slap some tape over your mouth, and hang out at the bottom of a pool? Just stand there and be amazed? more


9 interesting facts about your feet: #8 will surprise you!

April is Foot Health Awareness month, which is great because feet generally get taken for granted.  That is, until something goes wrong.  Nothing incapacitates you as much as sore or injured feet. Our feet are remarkable bio-mechanical structures more


Why March Madness can be a problem for basketball players

First of all, Dayton?  Who guessed that? Now, Imagine that you are sitting courtside during March Madness.  Players are flying shopparajumpers up and down the court–one drive after another.  Tempers are flaring, players are pushing themselves a little more


3 ways to prevent running injuries: are you doing any of them?

How can you avoid being one of the 75% of runners who experience an injury? It’s possible, and here are three quick tips to help prevent a knee injury, which account for 42% of all running injuries. Post-run more