7 signs you are a good candidate for joint replacement

1.  When pain limits your ability to move comfortably. Simply that alone. Our ability to move dictates much of our overall health, physically and emotionally. But not everyone who falls on a jog or whose body is aging more


ACL Tears Part 2: Why women are 3.5 times more likely to tear an ACL than men

Perhaps, that number shocks you: 3.5 times more than men.  Well, to a certain extent, it should.  But some people claim even higher numbers up to eight times as likely, though the data do not necessarily support those claims. more


Jackie’s ACL surgery 14 years ago got her across an Ironman finish line

The goal was simple: to complete the 2010 Austin, Texas Longhorn 70.3 Ironman in six to seven hours.   The time wouldn’t set any records, but just the idea of entering an Ironman competition may have seemed ludicrous to Jackie Mohr more

Patient Stories

Gordon’s Victory Story

When I sat down with Gordon to talk about his story, I expected to meet and talk to a person who was completely healed and enjoying the quality of life he always wanted to have, but that’s not more


5 things you can do to make physical therapy more effective

Post-operative therapy, occupational therapy, maintenance therapy (taboo, I know), etc. are all dependent on the person undergoing the treatment. That’s not to say that the therapist or physician don’t have any influence over the success of physical therapy, more


Interview: Dr. Scott Trenhaile talks about shoulder strains and bad habits

Daniel Hopkins (DH): Is it possible with a shoulder strain to facilitate/cause an injury because you don’t rest, modify, etc.? Dr. Scott Trenhaile (ST): It happens in varying degrees.  There are instances where you can develop, for lack more