Testimonial: “Sam” shares her experience with Dr. Antonacci and hip replacement

Posted on: July 3rd, 2014 by Dr. Victor D. Antonacci


When I met him, as soon as he walked through the door, He just put me at ease.

His demeanor. His calmness. The way he explained everything.

And you know I thought right away, before I would even say yes or whatever.

He said he works out of different hospitals. I didn’t know that.

And he only had certain days left on his calendar to work out at OSF where I wanted to go.

So December was taken. January was taken, and I said, “When’s the next time? When’s the next time?” And he said, “February.”

I got it, I want it; mark me down, and that was it.

I want you.

Well that lady there, was going to be having hip surgery by Dr. Antonacci.

And she was bonkers. Well, I was a little nervous too.

You know you’re skeptical when you have an operation.

And she said, “She doesn’t have a walker. She doesn’t have a cane.”

Well, I healed so quickly for my age.

He’s astonished at how well I did.

I’m 80, so…

I did pretty good.

And I told Dr. Antonacci, “I even jog.” “Don’t you dare jog.” He said, “You’re not fully ready for jogging yet.”

I mean, that’s how good I feel.

This hip operation. You know when I went to see him, he asked me “How’s your hip?”

Oh, did I have a hip operation? I didn’t know that. I don’t even remember that.

Have faith in him. Just have faith in him.

I have to use this quote, “Dr. Antonacci has the artistic, surgical hands of Michelangelo, and I have the artwork to prove it.

He’s good; he’s great, and I have passed his name on to so many people.

And I have run into so many people who had him.

“Oh! You had Dr. Antonacci!”

Everybody’s talking about Dr. Antonacci.

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