Why I became an Occupational Therapist

I have often been asked why I chose to become a Hand Therapist.  Usually I respond first with “because I don’t like feet,” but this is not the only reason. During my Undergraduate prerequisite and Occupational Therapy training, more


What is occupational therapy anyway?

Do you know someone who struggles (or struggled) to dress himself or to reach overhead to get something down from a shelf? Or perhaps walking up/down stairs or tending a garden were insurmountable tasks. These daily struggles of more


Should Physical Therapy Be Painful?

No Pain, No Gain? Should Therapy be Painful? We’ve all heard the motto “no pain, no gain” and recently seen the rise in popularity of extreme fitness activities where participants push their bodies to the limits of fitness more


What causes tennis elbow and how you can alleviate some of your symptoms

Tennis Elbow? But I don’t play tennis…. Have you reached out to lift the coffee pot, or gripped your briefcase at your side and had pain in the outer part of your elbow? How many times have you more