The cutting edge in training and rehabilitation: Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Pretty much everyone knows a steady supply of blood is necessary to promote healthy tissue growth and development. But recently, doctors and physical therapists have begun looking at a new technique that actually restricts blood flow to help more


Hip Arthroscopy Gets Patients Back to Normal Activity Faster

A version of the following article first appeared in the Rockford Chamber of Commerce’s February issue of The Voice. Does sitting in a chair at work all day aggravate your hip? What about climbing stairs, flexing at the hip, more


How hip pain limits your golf game

Congratulations to Jordan Spieth for an excellent win at the Masters, and we wish Tiger Woods a speedy recovery from his wrist injury.  Tiger’s injury reminds us that as golf season rolls around, prevention canada goose Constable Parka more


Why March Madness can be a problem for basketball players

First of all, Dayton?  Who guessed that? Now, Imagine that you are sitting courtside during March Madness.  Players are flying shopparajumpers up and down the court–one drive after another.  Tempers are flaring, players are pushing themselves a little more


Why there’s hope for active people with hip pain

Hip pain is very common.  I see it everyday in my clinic; previously active patients find it harder and harder to do the activities they love because of hip problems, and that pain indiscriminately affects people across age more