Dr. MacKenzie shares about his weight loss journey

Posted on: June 4th, 2015 by Ortho Illinois

It took a summer party and a shirt that wouldn’t fit for Dr. MacKenzie to make the decision to lose weight and make a change for himself and his family.  Last July, he committed himself, and has already lost 65 pounds on the road towards a goal of a 100 pound weight loss!

Dr. MacKenzie knew the basics, he needed to reduce his calorie intake and increase his exercise.  “I knew that I needed to start with my relationship with food.  I needed to replace my “see food” mentality (every time I saw food, I ate it).”  He tries to eat a 300 calorie breakfast and 500 calorie lunch. His dinners usually consist of 4 ounces lean protein and vegetables.  When he eats out, he divides his serving in half, saving the remaining portion for lunch the next day.  “Look up the calories on line before ordering” suggests Dr. MacKenzie, “you will be surprised how many calories are in some dishes.”

[pullquote_left]“There was a fire hydrant about ¼ mile from my house. That was my goal, to reach it without having to stop because I was out of breath. I was so happy the day I made it.”[/pullquote_left]

In addition to the adjustments in eating habits, Dr. MacKenzie also started a fitness regimen.  At first he could run about 100 yards and was out of breath and would need to start walking.  Gradually, that distance increased.  “There was a fire hydrant about ¼ mile from my house. That was my goal, to reach it without having to stop because I was out of breath.  I was so happy the day I made it.”  Dr. MacKenzie alternates between running and using his Total Gym.  The Total Gym uses your weight for resistance and due to his weight loss he now needs to add additional weight to the machine during his exercises!  During the winter he had a hard time staying motivated, so he started to allow himself to watch certain movies and TV shows only when he was on his treadmill.  He watched the entire season of Soprano’s this winter.

Besides having to run inside, winter was also hard because every week there was a party or a potluck that he had to navigate.  “I knew that the little bits of food here and there were adding up.  There were weeks where I did not lose any weight or even gained 1-2 pounds.  I was very frustrated.   But you can’t let the little weight gain get you down.  I needed to keep working at it and knew that I would eventually lose weight. I had to remind myself of my goals and that I couldn’t give up.”


Dr. MacKenzie’s Six Steps for Success

1. Eliminate “empty” calories, such as caloric liquids, dressings, sauces, and desserts.

2. Watch portion sizes.

3.  Avoid taking seconds.

4. Do not eat out for lunch (you can better monitor your calorie intake by packing your own lunch).

5. Eat fruits or vegetables for afternoon snacks.

6. Start exercising.


Dr. MacKenzie has used Vitality–a wellness program offered by Rockford Orthopedic–to help him in his journey.  He took the online nutrition courses to learn about healthy eating and better food choices. He bought a FitBit with his Vitality Bucks which he wears every day.  “Vitality is a great asset on this quest!  I am motivated by seeing my status increase and have already reached Gold Status 2 1/2 months into this program year!”  In addition to the increase in status, Dr. MacKenzie has been motivated by the encouragement and kind words that he has received. He has also enjoyed getting rid of clothes that are too big and fitting into others he has not worn in awhile.  Patients have also joined in losing weight after seeing his success!  Several patients have begun following his suggestions, and one has already lost 30 pounds!

Dr. MacKenzie continues his weight loss journey and hopes to lose a total of 75 pounds by his year mark in July.  He has seen the positive affect that his work has had on his family.  His wife, daughter, and he combined have lost 115 pounds!  “I keep myself reminded of my goals and will not give up!”

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