Highlights of the 2016 Spring Work Comp Event at Forest Hills Country Club

Posted on: June 3rd, 2016 by Dhopkins

Wednesday May 25, 2016 the Occupational Health Center hosted a dinner presentation for local employers, case managers, safety consultants, legal representatives, and insurance carriers. The event was well attended and we have received very positive feedback regarding the venue and discussions. Dinner and complimentary beverages were provided at no charge.

The audience was given the opportunity to pre-submit questions prior to the evening as well as ask the speakers questions throughout the evening.
Dr. Robin Borchardt, MD was the moderator and explained how he works together with the other specialists to provide exceptional care for your injured employees. Some of the questions which Dr. Borchardt addressed were related to determining mechanism of injury, restrictions, difficult cases, and return to work.

Dr. Brian Bear, MD spoke about injuries to upper extremities explaining the approach he uses to get employees back to work quickly and safely. He answered several questions in regards to light duty, narcotics, and the controversy regarding stretching. Dr. Bear described how our medical campuses are equipped to provide state of the art care which was once available only at university health care providers outside of the local area.

Dr. Scott Trenhaile addressed upper and lower extremity injury care treatment options such as conservative versus surgical. He also clarified why MRIs are used and the importance of who analyzes the results. Dr. Trenhaile also expounded on how our Roxbury campus has become a training center for surgeons from around the world who travel to Rockford in order to learn from the innovative surgical techniques developed here by our orthopedic specialists at OrthoIllinois.

As Senior Account Manager of Occupational Health I spoke about the convenience of the Fast Track walk in clinic with no appointment needed which costs less than using local urgent care centers. I also described the same-day surgery center, medical services such as: pre-employment drug screens, physicals, MRI, portable CT scanning for extremities, rehab services and how I work with local businesses to find solutions to their employee’s healthcare needs.

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