Off Season training tips for high school athletes from the #SportsSafety twitter

Posted on: January 17th, 2014 by Ortho Illinois

Once a month, on Wednesdays, @SportsSafety hosts a #SportsSafety Twitter chat, and it’s always a fruitful discussion (Hint: this is your invitation to participate on February 12th). January’s topic covered off-season training for young athletes, and it did not disappoint. So here are a few takeaways from the discussion.

1. Mix it up during the off season

Many people in the discussion pointed to a trend for young athletes to specialize.  They’re always training for their one sport, which can lead to increased injuries.

2.  Improve the core; make it fun 🙂

One of the points some of the athletic trainers and physicians pointed out is that too many athletes ignore the importance of core strength.

Also, young athletes are still, well, young, and they need time to refresh and recharge.  Work hard, sure, but encourage them to enjoy themselves in the off-season and not allow training and staying active to stress them out.

3. Always be safe

It just makes sense that a #SportsSafety chat would cover–you know–sports safety.  Reminders about safety are always relevant and current because far too often we overdo it on the field, in the gym, or around the house.

4. Finally, 3 tips for athletes braving the cold

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