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Posted on: August 17th, 2018 by Don Schreiner CEO

Word of mouth is still a powerful tool for finding recommendations on all types of services, from a good restaurant to a mechanic who can fix your car.

When seeking out a doctor or specialty health care provider, we also ask our friends and family. “Do you like your doctor? I’m looking for a new one.” Facebook even has a feature that lets you pinpoint your recommendation query within a certain region.

Choice is powerful, and when individuals choose OrthoIllinois for their orthopedic health care needs, we want them to be engaged and have the best experience possible.

One of our physicians, Dr. Victor Antonacci, recently blogged about returning to active lifestyles after hip and knee surgeries. His advice rings true, that successful treatment and recovery requires patients being involved in the processes.

Our core group of physicians specialize in orthopedic care – repairing hands, hips, knees, feet – sports medicine and trauma. Our team includes rehabilitation experts and non-operative specialists who excel in treating arthritis and other issues related to joints, muscles and ligaments.

We know choosing to seek treatment can come after weeks, months, even years of suffering in pain and discomfort. That’s why care plans are individualized and most often start with a conservative approach before surgery is considered. Educating patients on their options is central to what we do.

OrthoIllinois has addressed patient engagement and experience in many ways, chief among them increasing access to services. We opened our Injury Express clinic about five years ago to see patients sooner and get the right diagnoses for acute orthopedic and work-related injuries.

We also constantly ask how we’re doing. From the check-in process to follow-up before and after surgery, we appreciate the ability to respond to all types of feedback to make our processes better so patients are heard.

Joining forces with other clinics and providers brings better value and access to the services we provide, as well. This summer, we welcomed a physician group in Elgin into the OrthoIllinois mix of clinics. Across the board, that partnership will bring more well-trained and smart providers together to improve care and offer more treatment options to patients closer to home when they need them the most.

Central to our mission of providing a higher standard of orthopedic care is treating all patients with compassion, respect and dignity. To do that, we must also continuously monitor and evaluate our treatments to improve patient outcomes, including the constant measurement and benchmarking of our patient satisfaction scores across all aspects of our interaction with patients. OrthoIllinois currently utilizes the country’s largest consumer satisfaction survey company (Press Ganey), and we are proud to say that after comparing our scores to over 215,000 physicians across the nation, we have been consistently ranked at 97% for patient overall satisfaction.

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