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How to handle an athlete’s injured finger

A young athlete–we’ll call him Jason–came into our office in November with a significant finger injury. Jason had visited an immediate care clinic where the physician indicated he had injured his finger joint. The finger was splinted and the...read more


3D-printed casts look great, but do they provide any substantial benefits to patients?

Have you ever wondered why the cast hasn’t changed in (what seems like) forever? Sure, it’s great to have bright colors, but that’s not really a fundamental change; it’s certainly not a change or improvement in the technology. But...read more

Hand, Wrist & Elbow

The five things you need to know about trigger finger

Healthy fingers are happy fingers, so take a few moments to learn a little more about trigger finger. 1. It is caused by a swollen tendon in your hand. A tendon connects muscle to bone.  It’s a cable-like structure...read more


4 surgical options for Dupuytren’s contracture Note: I have a favorite option

Surgery shouldn’t be a mysterious adventure where you pick an option, desperately hoping that you’ll like it only to find out that there was a better option available. It’s the classic box of chocolates conundrum. If you don’t have...read more


First it was a lump in my palm and now I can’t straighten my fingers

So why the picture of some random guy? Well, he’s not random. We have him to thank for Dupuytren’s contracture (he’s Dupuytren, in case you didn’t pick that up). Dupuytren’s is a potentially debilitating condition where your fingers slowly...read more


When snow blowers attack: everything you need to know to avoid a snow blower injury

Are you excited for snow? Tons of it? Or perhaps just a few inches? No? Neither are we, but every year, the snow comes and we can’t stop it.  It blows, it’s cold, and it usually stays until the...read more