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5 Keys of Proper Running Form

Hold on a second. Isn’t running just grabbing a pair of shoes and putting one foot in front of the other? If you’ve thought this, you’re not alone, and technically, yes. All you need to do to run is–well–run, but to do it well and to do it safely means that runners need to focus… read more

Am I too young to undergo total knee arthroplasty?

Many younger patients with debilitating knee pain and a diagnosis of end stage arthritis of the knee are under the impression that getting a knee replacement is only for elderly patients. Unfortunately, this leads to many patients under the age of fifty living in pain because they are scared to consider joint reconstruction. And that… read more

Osteoarthritis tips and exercises: Get out, be active, feel better!!!

Did you know that 50 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis (OA)? You may think that OA only affects the elderly. And that’s true; it does, but I bet you didn’t realize that 2/3 of people with arthritis are under the age of 65 (CDC). So maybe you’re tired of that nagging and aching pain in… read more

ACL Tears Part 2: Why women are 3.5 times more likely to tear an ACL than men

Perhaps, that number shocks you: 3.5 times more than men.  Well, to a certain extent, it should.  But some people claim even higher numbers up to eight times as likely, though the data do not necessarily support those claims.  Season risk over the course of the year for a female soccer player is about 5%,… read more

ACL Tears Part 1: What are they, and did you tear yours?

As the fall sports season ramps up, I see more athletes in the office who are worried that they may have torn an ACL. It’s not that sports cause ACL injuries, but let’s face it, the more you move canada goose Mystique Parka and put stress on your body, the higher your risk of injury…. read more