You can have shoulder arthritis and still be fit and active

It’s a terrible feeling. You just know that if you don’t change your workout habits, you’ll end up not being able to work out. I know because I was there.  My shoulder sounds like gravel, and I had more


Why your rotator cuff tear may or may not require surgery

[blockquote]The tendon is like a rubber band, and after a tear, the cuff only connects on one end.[/blockquote] About the Rotator Cuff So the rotator cuff tendon attaches to the…there are four tendons that create the entire rotator more


Dr. Trenhaile trains shoulder surgeons from South Korea

In early September, Dr. Trenhaile had the opportunity to train four surgeons from South Korea at the wet lab at one of Rockford Orthopedic’s locations. He spent a few days with them, helping them to perfect a few more


Interview: Dr. Scott Trenhaile talks about shoulder strains and bad habits

Daniel Hopkins (DH): Is it possible with a shoulder strain to facilitate/cause an injury because you don’t rest, modify, etc.? Dr. Scott Trenhaile (ST): It happens in varying degrees.  There are instances where you can develop, for lack more


How to know the difference between a sore shoulder and an injured shoulder (and what to do about each)

Recently, a coworker told me that he and his wife enjoy playing tennis together, but that they rarely make it to the courts these days because of work conflicts and just the busyness of life (I think we more