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Blog - Back Pain

New study may change the way spinal stenosis is treated in the future

A recent study published in the New England Journal of Medicine and discussed in the New York Times, found that patients who had a standard steroid injection for spinal stenosis did not decrease pain or improve function after six weeks...read more


Osteoarthritis tips and exercises: Get out, be active, feel better!!!

Did you know that 50 million Americans suffer from osteoarthritis (OA)? You may think that OA only affects the elderly. And that’s true; it does, but I bet you didn’t realize that 2/3 of people with arthritis are under...read more


What you need to know about low back pain

Workmen shoveling snow, via the Boston Public Library. The problem Low back pain is very common and affects 85% of adults by age 50. If you have not had low back pain at some point in life, you are...read more