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Larry Zimmer’s journey to recovery

How to (almost) dodge trees at night: The evening of February third, Larry Zimmer sped through the Northwoods of Wisconsin on his snowmobile. As he rode through the snow, Larry saw a tree loom directly in his path. Without time to swerve out of the way, he leapt from his snowmobile! Unfortunately, this story does… read more

How Jamie and Laura returned to sports after injury

As an athlete, have you ever wondered what it would be like to suffer a major injury requiring surgery? What would be involved in the struggle to return to your sport? It’s a question many athletes face, and they should since each year 2 million high school athletes experience an injury. That’s not a number… read more

Jackie’s ACL surgery 14 years ago got her across an Ironman finish line

The goal was simple: to complete the 2010 Austin, Texas Longhorn 70.3 Ironman in six to seven hours.   The time wouldn’t set any records, but just the idea of entering an Ironman competition may have seemed ludicrous to Jackie Mohr fourteen years ago when she injured her knee in a downhill ski accident.In 1996, Jackie sought the… read more

Gordon’s Victory Story

When I sat down with Gordon to talk about his story, I expected to meet and talk to a person who was completely healed and enjoying the quality of life he always wanted to have, but that’s not what I saw. Now that may sound like a negative comment, but I don’t think it is…. read more

Christina gets her hand and life back

Think for a moment about everything you do with your hands.  Make a list if you’d like.  Are you holding your phone reading this post?  Did you find this post by typing in Google?  Did you pick up your daughter this morning, or do the dishes last night?  How about bringing in the groceries, or… read more