Core services contribute to bright future for Ortho Illinois

At OrthoIllinois, we are excited about the future of health care. Our team of skilled surgeons, physicians, and clinical support staff work every day to provide patients a higher standard of care centered on returning individuals to more pain-free and active lifestyles. Founded in 1967, OrthoIllinois is recognized as one of the largest and leading… read more

Merger of OrthoIllinois and AOS in Elgin complete

Rockford, Ill. (June 1, 2018) – OrthoIllinois and Associates in Orthopaedic Surgery (AOS), two leading bone and joint providers in northern Illinois, have joined forces as of June 1, 2018 with the completion of their practice merger. The combined organization creates a larger, more comprehensive care network that improves access to subspecialized medicine closer to… read more

OrthoIllinois a close partner with nationally ranked Rush University Medical Center

OrthoIllinois, a leading bone and joint provider in northern Illinois, has been a long-time partner with Rush University Medical Center, which was recently ranked No. 5 for Best Hospitals for Orthopedics by U.S. News & World Report. One of the most unique aspects of this partnerships is that Rush’s Department of Orthopedic Surgery sends its… read more

The cutting edge in training and rehabilitation: Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

Pretty much everyone knows a steady supply of blood is necessary to promote healthy tissue growth and development. But recently, doctors and physical therapists have begun looking at a new technique that actually restricts blood flow to help improve muscle mass or hypertrophy, helping muscle tissue get bigger and rehabilitate without resorting to increasingly heavier… read more

Return to active lifestyle after hip, knee surgery by following a recovery plan

The virtue of patience rings true for many aspects of our daily lives, particularly when recovering from an injury. Whether the injury was sudden, or pain built up over time, we want it fixed, and we want it fixed now. And we want to feel better quickly and return to our normal lives as soon… read more

Research, a cornerstone of OrthoIllinois services

One of the many ways OrthoIllinois strives to improve patient care is through research, with a dedicated department for clinical trials that is busy year-round. Research helps OrthoIllinois provide the best treatment options for patients for a variety of diseases and procedures, according to Director of Clinical Research Lisa Foti. All patients don’t necessarily fit… read more