Feeling great can cause a longer recovery. It’s crucial to follow doctor’s orders after surgery

Significant medical advances in surgery have led to many advantages for today’s patients. Gone are the days of long hospital stays and recovery times. With less invasive procedures patients are experiencing less pain and getting back to normal at a faster pace. But feeling great after surgery can in some instances, lead to the exact…read more

Hitting the Trails? Time to Tune Up.

According to The Outdoor, the most popular outdoor activities for people ages 6 and up are as follows: Running, jogging, trail running – 5 million participants Road biking, mountain biking and MBX – 46.6 million participants Nearly half of the American population participate in outdoor activities for reasons such as getting exercise, spending time…read more

Outpatient Joint Replacement – An Amazing Trend in Orthopedic Surgery

Imagine having your knee or hip replaced in the morning and recuperating in your own bed by the afternoon. For many patients, they don’t have to imagine because these knee and hip replacement surgeries have become an amazing reality, thanks to improved technology, less invasive techniques and advances in pain management. Having your knee or…read more

If You Need Another Reason to Quit Smoking It’s This

 Each year, more than 480,000 deaths occur in the United States due to a preventable cause – cigarette smoking (source: Center for Disease Control and Prevention). We know that smoking increases the chance for strokes, coronary heart disease, emphysema, chronic bronchitis, lung cancer and harms every organ in our bodies. Smoking also has a negative…read more

Foot Surgery as a Teen Leads to a Career in Podiatry

Get to know Kelly John, DPM, MHA When choosing a physician, it’s important to know not only their credentials, but why they do what they do. You can read our physicians’ bios on our website, but we thought we’d dig a little deeper to find out what makes them tick. Why did they choose their…read more

Hip Arthroscopy Gets Patients Back to Normal Activity Faster

A version of the following article first appeared in the Rockford Chamber of Commerce’s February issue of The Voice. Does sitting in a chair at work all day aggravate your hip? What about climbing stairs, flexing at the hip, or getting in a low chair?  Pain from these types of simple activities can be tell-tale signs…read more